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Our Story

Millions of children in this world have basic needs like food and shelter. However they lack sufficient support and encouragement to grow up to be healthy, balanced, self-aware human beings. Their undeveloped potential is lost to themselves and to our world. That’s why we have created programs and opportunities for them to know who they are, dare to dream and realize these dreams and aspirations. We provide the way for them to shine like stars and fill their own lives and the world around them with their brightness.

Who We Are

MySSF is a non-denominational charity organisation that was founded and registered with the Registrar of Societies Malaysia in 2014. It was recognised and supported in 2015 by SEDIC (Socio-Economic Development of the Indian Community) and the Prime Minister's Office.

With a supportive Committee and an enthusiastic team of professionals and volunteers and of course with the help of many donors, we focus on the development of young challenged children living in homes in Malaysia. Through our programs we help these children to take the first steps towards a balanced and happy adult life.

What We Do

We provide specialised and structured empowerment and practical training programs for underprivileged children for 10 to 17. The Children are exposed to an abundant variety of skills, tools and knowledge in the various in- and outdoor surroundings. With experiential interactive learing programs and long-term montorship we help them develop in an exciting and fun way

This is how we set out to create the new leaders of the next generation. We empowering our Shining Stars to dare to dream and live their life to the fullest.



We create a world full of healthy happy successful young adults that shine like stars and inspire and light up (transform) their community.


We reach out to underprivileged children in a fun and loving supporting environment where they get the opportunity to shine as stars. By doing so we inspire communities to do the same.

Star Makers

Help us to make a Star by joining us. Our trainers and volunteers are placed carefully to assure our programs are delivered in the way they were intended. Using your experience, you can assist in the following sections:


Our Volunteers are the people who help us, and the children out during implementation stages of the Programs. Would you like to join?


Our trainers are people that are passionate about education and about children. They teach the children a wide range of skills and tools in a playful manner. Would you like to join?


A mentor is one who has completed all requirements under the MySSF mentorship program. Our process has been developed to select and train mentors ensuring professionalism and quality. Would you like to be a Mentor?

Home Trustees

Our Star Home are the Homes that the children in our program currently live at. We aim to fully engage with these homes in order to support the children and fully immerse them with the MySSF program. Would you like to enrol your Home?

Internship Partners

Our Internship Partners provide internship programs for our children. Do you have an internship program that could train Shining Stars?

Band of Givers

Our Band of Givers are those who contribute their time and resources whether financially or otherwise.

Star Programs

Our program specifically reaches out to children to develop self-esteem, confidence while experiencing their creative faculties. Our guidance and coaching techniques are designed to prepare children to realise their dreams and become a shining star.

My Golden Compass

This proprietary program is designed to create a deeper level of awareness in children about life and its wholesome qualities and possibilities despite all shortcomings. In this experiential process, we facilitate the building of self-awareness, confidence and self-esteem.

Compass Box

This series of programs could last from one up to five years and delves deeper into the abilities and aspirations of our children. With practical skills, tools and a deeper awareness of themselves we prepare them for adulthood.

One Child One Mentor

This is a personalised child-mentoring program by MySSF trainers. We recognise that mentoring is a powerful tool in making a difference to these young challenged children. The One Child One Mentor program is a combination of technology and specific training techniques.

Intership Placement

This program focuses on helping children after our internal program on their first steps towards professional life. We provide guidance for them towards a future by looking for professional mentorship, sponsoring and interacting with internship programs in their area of choice.

Transforming Communities

Next to educational programs for the children we provide support programs for the homes that are affiliated with us. We support our homes in getting necessary extra goods, services or support for their children, like clothing or tutoring and assist in interchanging of goods between homes. In case of unforeseen setbacks we support where we can too.

Fund A Star

We invite people and corporations to donate their time, expertise and funds to a Shining Star or a My Shining Star Foundation Program

You can also bank in your donation directly to our account.

Yayasan Cahaya Bintang Malaysia(PPM-018-14-13012014)
Account Number: 8007924551

Let's Engage

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Let's Engage

If you have any other questions, offers or remarks we would love to hear form you. Please do contact us via the available channels below.

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